Flor Botanica explores the intersection of culture, self-care, community, and the natural environment. We use traditional, healing plant oils, butters, botanicals, clays, and minerals. Our products are multitasking, designed to have minimal impact on the environment, and support the people who grow and make the ingredients we use. 


We believe that the natural environment offers us everything we need to take care of our skin. We believe in using nature’s resources respectfully and intentionally. We believe in supporting our community. We believe in taking our time to make the very best. 

Our skin care products are made in small batches by a third generation soap maker with deep roots in San Antonio, Austin, and the Texas Hill Country.

Our Method

We follow the oldest known soap-making technique, which is now often called hot process but once was simply known as making soap. We slowly cook butters and oils until the soap-making process known as saponification is complete. Only then do we add the active emollients, herbs, flowers, clays and essential oils. This preserves the beneficial qualities of raw, unprocessed ingredients.

Our Ingredients

We use local, organic, and free trade where possible. Each ingredient is thoughtfully chosen to create the best experience for your body and mind.

·     Cold pressed plant oils and butters

·     Steam-distilled essential oils

·     Pure cosmetic clays

·     Organic botanicals

Flor Botanica never uses

·     synthetic ingredients

·     artificial scents or perfumes

·     parabens

·     sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), or other synthetic surfactents or sudsing agents. 

·     phthalates

·     mineral oils or petroleum-based products 

·     palm and palm-derivatives

We are committed to minimal packaging that is reusable, recyclable and compostable wherever possible. We avoid plastics.